Business Growth Consultants

What Would I Be Getting Myself Into?

Acorn Press is designed to be a charitable company.  Every site we build 10% of the cost of the project goes to support charities that are helping people out of life threatening captivity in human trafficking.  We are passionate about helping prevent and rescue people from this growing epidemic in our nation.  Our plan is to incrementally increase this giving toward 20% in the next 5 years.

How Do I Get Involved?

The following breakdown illustrates the different options for supporting and earning at Acorn Press.

Referral Agent

50.00/per completed sale

Referral Agent’s are selected based on a simple application and verification of their ability to refer clients.  Payments are made via Direct Deposit within 15 days of the completion of the sale referred.  The individual purchasing must include information regarding the referral indicating the name and code of the Referring Agent.

Sales Representative

10%of  net cost

Sales Representatives are vetted and proven performers who begin as Referral Agents and are then given the ability to complete sales with their own user account.  Sales Representatives must be able to complete 24 sites per year or an average of 2 per month. Payments are made via Direct Deposit monthly.

  • Sales Representatives are assigned to an area and there will only be 1 Representative per 100k people population area.  For example a city with 1 million people will only have 10 representatives possible in that area.
  • Sales Representatives may sell outside their area on a case by case basis with approval of management and as long as the city/area is not fully saturated with Representatives.
  • Sales Representatives are expected to represent the causes and be involved in some measure in their communities to bring awareness to the causes sponsored and supported by Acorn Press.


$500 per every 10k in sales

Bonuses are paid to Sales Representatives quarterly for those that qualify.
+2,500 for reaching 100k in 12months
Once a Sales Representative sells 100k in total sales within a 12 month period (Calendar Year), they will receive a bonus in addition to the incremental bonus listed above.  For example; if a person sells 100k within the calendar year (Approximately 60 sites) they will receive a check for 2,500.00 in addition to the 5,000.00 they received in incremental bonuses.  A total of 7,500.00 for the year.  The will also have generated 10,000 for charity on top of their 10% commission.


Optional Management Services Provided By Adopt-A-Press:

    • Daily / Monthly Backups
    • Safe Plugin & WordPress Updates
    • System Security / Spam Monitoring
    • Monthly Reporting on System Health
    • Monthly Report on Google Analytics
25.00 / per referral

Performance Requirements

    • Referral Agents are asked to send an average of 1 purchasing referral per month to stay active.
    • Sales Representatives are asked to maintain a minimum average of 2 purchases per month to remain active.


Consultants can earn bonuses for up-selling products/services as well as reaching Acorn Press sales goals.  These bonuses are based on the overall value of the product or service sold and will be clear at time of contract

How Do I Proceed?

Step 1: Review and submit online application for joining the team and accept Terms of Agreement.

Step 2: If selected, then attend training seminar and interview with Acorn Press team.

Step 3:  Complete training and begin selling.