Frequently Asked Questions

We won’t be able to tell you the meaning of life here, but we can answer some of the primary questions we get asked a lot. If you want to know something not listed here, let us know, and we’ll make sure it gets on the list and you get the answer you are looking for.

How is Acorn Press different?

Acorn Press is different in 3 ways.

1) Personalized Theme – You are getting a tested and semi-custom designed theme that you can own and grow as you wish.  Many templates you could buy don’t come with someone to help build it, or other systems are more limited in what they provide.

2) Contracts – There are no on-going fees, licenses or contracts with Acorn Press.  You can choose one of the maintenance programs we provide if you wish, but the only requirement is that your site is hosted with us starting at $5/month for the first year.  After that, you can move the site anywhere you wish.

3) Committed to Giving – Our company is committed to giving and supporting charities that are helping real people and seek to end the plight on our society known as human trafficking.

Can I add plug-ins to my Acorn Press site?

Yes, you can add plug-ins to your site.  If you are on our maintenance program, we will add them for you.  If not, you will be able to add them yourself.  It is your site to do as you wish, and therefore we cannot support plug-ins directly.  If your site breaks due to additional technology, you will be responsible for your site and it’s functionality.  If you want help, we have ways to assist in customization of your site.  Simply contact us for more information here.

Can I change my theme?

Well, why would you want to?  🙂  In short, no.  Acorn Press is a theme specific web platform.  However, If you choose at any point to change your theme or do more customization to your site, we can help you in the migration toward what you want  as you grow.  If you choose to not have us assist with your customization, you are free to move your site anywhere you wish.  To have your site customized, simply give us a call or or fill out this form.

Can I host an Acorn Press site at another location?

At this time Acorn Press requires hosting for a minimum of 1 year.  After one year, you may transfer your site anywhere you wish.  However, given our offerings and low prices, you hope you will stay.  And remember, by having Adopt-a-Press host your website, you are also supporting efforts to combat human trafficking.

What is maintenance and why would I want it?

For information on maintenance and our programs visit Adopt-A-Press.

What charities are supported by Acorn Press?

Lean all about who we support and why on this page [Philanthropy]