Runner’s Camp International

Runner’s Camp International

In 1997 and idea was brewing in the heart of Rob Craig, one of the pastors of North Wake Church in Wake Forest, NC.  With a history and passion for running he desired to help connect kids with fitness and faith through a track and field camp which was aptly named The Runner’s Camp.

Fast forward 20 years and nearly 1000 kids plus hundreds of adults flock to this camp annually.  With three summer tracks to choose from the Runner’s Camp has become a highly anticipated and attended event in the community.


In 2006 Rob Craig came to Kenosis (a former company owned by CEO Glenn Lewis) and asked if they would do a logo for his camp.  This led to more than a decade long relationship spanning 2 companies and multiple web projects in the process. From designing on logo to now more than 10 years later we are managing many aspects of the camp marketing and also management through the website back end event management system.


Today we create an annual logo.  All print design material. Campaign and event registration for nearly 1000 people every year. Through on-going design and creative efforts, RedShift has enjoyed a long-term a partnership with Runner’s Camp International.  We have helped expand the efforts of the camps to new states and created a marketing replication system to help new camps get started with ease.

One Foot In Front of The Other.

Progressively, The Runner’s Camp has adapted with technology on the field and off. With their focus on people and service, North Wake Church has continued to serve it’s community and allows RedShift to continue to participate in that service annually.

The effort continues to grow and The Runner’s Camp continues to expand. With events being held in several community in North Carolina, Indiana, Georgia, Canada as well as overseas in places like Africa.