RTI: Zika Virus Campaign

Help Stop Zika

RedShift Creative was contacted RTI to assist with a campaign initiative for the Center for Disease Control to create a website marketing campaign during the Zika outbreak in 2016. The site was created in English, with a companion site in Spanish at www.detenelzika.org.


Working on a timeframe of just a few weeks, RedShift created a website with the basics to inform people about the Zika Virus that included:
Zika Basics
Campaign Resources
Taking Action


To prepare for a national launch and featured marketing event sponsored by the CDC in a two week period of time. Providing hosting and software support, creating site infrastructure design and deployment in two languages. The challenge we faced included a creative video/photography shoot that took place only 14 days before launch.

Getting it done, fast.

In two weeks we were able to turn around a custom designed environment in two languages and prepare for a go to market event in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The site has grown in popularity and is considered one of the leading sources of information in the hispanic community for Zika information and resources.